lundi 1 décembre 2008

Quiz In the Crowd / Quiz en pleine foule

What are the titles of these movies?
Comment s'appellent ces films?

8 commentaires:

Desuko. a dit…

1) V For Vendetta
3) From Hell

Vince a dit…

OK for 1) V for Vendetta. You're wrong with the 3rd but the same actor plays in "From Hell" and in the right movie.

Anonyme a dit…

1) V pour Vendetta
2) Le Lauréat
3) Sweeney Todd
6) Le bal des vampires
7) Adaptation

Vince a dit…

OK pour 1) Le Lauréat (The Graduate), 3) Sweeney Todd, 6) Le Bal des Vampires (The Fearless Vampire Killers), 7) Adaptation.
Still the 4th & the 5th to find.

callmelacie a dit…

#4: Dawn of the Dead
#5: Stepford Wives ...?

Vince a dit…

N° 4) You're right with "... of the Dead" but it's all!
N° 5) A Di Caprio Movie!

Anonyme a dit…

#5 Catch Me if YOu Can


Vince a dit…

Yes Taci !

#4 to find now !