dimanche 22 février 2009

Quiz: What is the link? / Qu'ont-ils en commun?

Instead being comedian and living on Earth, what is the link between them?
A part être comédien et terrien, qu'ont-ils en commun?

4 commentaires:

Desuko. a dit…

I going to guess it's that they've all been in some great sword 'n' sandal epics.

Sidney Poitier - The Long Ships
Elizabeth Taylor - Cleopatra
Sophia Loren - The Fall of the Roman Empire
Kirk Douglas - Spartacus
Tony Curtis - Spartacus

Vince a dit…

That's right Desuko, but I wait another answer!

Emilie a dit…

They've all been either nominated or winners atthe academy awards during the sixties ?

(i'm so increasing my knowledge of cinema)

Vince a dit…

I notice also that your english is better than mine! Dear Emilie, you're right about the academy awards. But try another proposition!