mercredi 5 novembre 2008

Quiz Black Presidents

Who are the actors and in which movies!
Quels leurs noms et dans quels films jouent-ils?

6 commentaires:

Desuko. a dit…

1. The Fifth Element
3. Deep Impact

Vince a dit…

OK desuko! But I would like the actors' names too!

Desuko. a dit…


1. Tiny Lister
3. Morgan Freeman
5. Chris Rock

Vince a dit…

OK Sesuko. Chris Rock plays the president in "Head of State".
Still the 2nd & the 4th to find.
Reste la 2 et la 4!

Phil Turk a dit…

2. Terry Alan Crews - Idiocracy
4. James Earl Jones - The Man

Vince a dit…

You're the best

This quiz is over !