vendredi 14 novembre 2008

Quiz Landscapes / Quiz Paysages

The week-end at last! Let's go outdoor! What are these films?
Enfin le week-end! A nous les grands espaces! Quels sont ces films?

4 commentaires:

Desuko. a dit…

1. Zardoz
2. Vertigo
4. Fahrenheit 451
8. Escape From New York

Vince a dit…

Ok for Zardoz, Vertigo (Sueurs froides) & Escape from New York (New York 1997). But you're wrong about the 4th (this is the same director the the 8th!).
Still the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th to find!

Phil Turk a dit…

4. They Live
7. The French Connection

Vince a dit…

#1 Zardoz
#2 Vertigo (Sueurs froides)
#3 ???
#4 They Live (Invasion Los Angeles)
#5 ???
#6 ???
#7 The French Connection
#8 Escape from NY (New York 1997)